After Hurricane Katrina, How Do You Return Home When Home No...

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Data Saturday, August 10, 2019
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“Extraordinary, engrossing… Pushes past the baseline expectations of memoir as a genre to create an entertaining and inventive amalgamation of literary forms. Part oral history, part urban history, part celebration of a bygone way of life, THE YELLOW HOUSE is a full indictment of the greed, discrimination, indifference and poor city planning that led her family’s home to be wiped off the map. It is an instantly essential text, examining the past, present and possible future of the city of New Orleans, and of America writ large… Kinetic and omnivorous.” Before it’s done, Angela Flournoy’s review of Sarah M. Broom’s THE YELLOW HOUSE in The New York Times Books has compared the book to the work of Gayl Jones, praised the author’s deadpan humor, and noted that “THE YELLOW HOUSE is a book that triumphs much as a jazz parade does: by coming loose when necessary, its parts sashaying independently down the street, but righting itself just in the nick of time, and teaching you a new way of enjoying it in the process.

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