The Lustre of Lost Things Unboxing

The Lustre of Lost Things has arrived in the office! We’re so excited to have this book in our hands – and it’s almost time to share it with you! We’re currently giving away 3 copies on Goodreads: or you can preorder it on Amazon now: *** It is only at The Lavenders, his mother’s unusual bakery, that twelve-year-old Walter Lavender feels at home. There meringues scud through displays like clouds, marzipan dragons breathe actual fire, and the airy angel-food cake can make customers pounds lighter. But when the magical Book at the heart of the shop vanishes and the landlord threatens closure, it is up to Walter to find the Book and save the shop. Despite—or because of—a communication disorder that renders him speechless, Walter has a special ability to find lost things. Accompanied by Milton, his overweight golden retriever, Walter’s quest will take him around and under New York City, into the subway and soaring over Central Park. Along the way he will discover his voice and learn what it means to truly be found.
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Date Thursday, July 20, 2017
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